All Fronts Re-enactment Association

Is an association who's goal has been to underpin a hobby. For a few years now we have grown in size to accommodate a wide range of living historians and re-enactors covering the whole of the 20th Century. What we offer is for you to become a member and be covered by our PLI. We do not offer insurance just like any other re-enactment association or group does not offer it. You are simply covered by ours*.

We do not interfere with your groups day to day running, we do not tell you when and where you can go. You keep your own rules and regulations**.

This is not our full time job, we have our own lives, our own interests and our own time. We deal with things as quickly as we can but remember we are just the same as you.

Remember although some educate, and we try to respectfully depict the people of our past, we also do it for fun.

*You must complete a risk assessment when attending events to be covered by the PLI, this is not our rules, but the law.

**We do have rules of behaviour and conduct which we expect people to adhere to.